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Younger Green by ThatCyan
Younger Green
a younger version of my OC green, you can also see him here:
Complementary (Character designs)
more color palette:
Indigo Doodle
I'm changing my style so I'm in a really awkward drawing phase...

comission mepersonal blog | facebook | twitter | google+
Indigo Doodle by ThatCyan
Indigo Doodle
Indigo, real name: Yamada Yuri (nickname: Arisu), is a character from my (still in creation stage) webcomic, Colour Palette. This is a really shitty doodle but it's perfect for a ref sheet.

here are some extra details about her + her profile: (link to my blog)

the other colour palette ref sheet:…

-->Commission me!<--
I have no idea when it started
but I just can't stop.
everything I say's a lie,
my mind's a mess,
is this true?
or am I lying again?
I don't know!

"I love you"
that's what I said,
but is it the truth?
how should I know
I really know...

why are you angry?
I haven't lied...
or maybe I have?
I don't know...

everything's a mess
my head's a mess
I can't even see it
is this what I'm really feeling?
or is this also a lie
I really don't know...
compulsive liar's dilemma
this is a bit too much... even for me... sometimes I just feel like writing it... idk...

-->Commission me!<--
  • Mood: Speechless
So, I just saw this --->… and I decided to give it a try:

It all started on February the 7th, 2012, I heard those whom I then called friends talk about it so I made an account. The first name choice was "Cyan", but that was already taken and I was 13 so I just added "That" without thinking too much... since... you know... I thought that I'll become THAT Cyan, not a random Cyan... but I was 13 so ignore that thinking...

Back than, all I did were sketches then (but all of them are in my storage so I can't add any of them to this journal), my first digital drawings were these: Nyo!Prussia (APH) doodle [fixed] by ThatCyan2p!Nyo!Russia by ThatCyan, I first drew them on paper, scanned them, traced them with the mouse and I added colours. Ugh... I still remember how "fun" drawing with a mouse was.

I also did the first character for my story "Colour Palette" (which is still in production stage even after 2 years... since I abandoned it for an year or so and I only picked it up again recently) back then it was called "Plus Minus Rainbow" (since the protagonists would activate their powers using the command words "Plus" and "Minus", well, this part change... I mean... almost everything changed... here's the story right now:, link to my blog) so I drew the first character OC Tsubasa TYL (SAI line-art) by ThatCyan, no-face Tsubasa (I sucked at drawing faces), whose name changed to Onodera Kaede, I started drawing it and then... I made her too old so I made a ten years old version (tyl, I was a Reborn fangirl back then and I still love it!)... they also used to have special outfits back then... so lame... Now, they look completely different, I designed all the characters but I only posted Red and Green Complementary (Character designs) by ThatCyan.

Oh well, I still remember my first commissions, this was the best one I drew: xXxMantrumxXx's commission by ThatCyan, and my newer ones: Blasianeko's commission by ThatCyanRone-Ombre's commission by ThatCyan.

I also did 2 demotivationals, even though I am so against them being on dA, since they aren't exactly art: Shizaya demotivational by ThatCyanStarducks Coffee by ThatCyan.

I used to think I'd draw more if I had a graphics tablet, but I am lazy and as I grew up to be depressive, introvert, suicidal, unstable, bipolar, compulsive liar and OCD teenager with self-confidence issues so I started posting less and less. I did a hand writing meme because I wanted to use my graphics tablet but I didn't want to draw Handwriting Meme by ThatCyan.

And I really don't know when I stared writing poems (though most of them are in the storage), I think... I revealed a bit too much... like this ones:  untitled no.1hot tears rolling down my cheeks,
what is all this mess?
I never wished for any of this
and yet it's all coming to me...
I want it to end
yet the meaningless days
keep on coming
like there's no ending to them
stop it!
it's like a bad story
I have to live
all over and over again,
wondering if the ending will ever change
yet I know it wont...
self-harm habitshate...
the only feeling I have
I hate everything and everyone,
got a problem with that?
I wish they'd all just die
fuck, that's one nice dream!
death! such a wonderful thing!
hate... hate... the only thing I can think of
but a parasite like me shouldn't complain...
countless days of pretending to be who I never was
just being there, like the air
not seen by anyone
with no one to remember my petty existence
such a wonderful thing~
all I could wish for!
a bacteria eaten monster
who hates it's own existence and tries to disappear
that's what I am
and yet I take the blade and cut my wrist again
and again
trying to erase all that's left of me:
the body
, I don't know what I was thinking about when I wrote them...

But I want to say thank you to deviantART, because of you I gained the most important thing in life: friends. Some bonds became stronger, some were severed, some new ones were created but they all made me what I am today and I must thank you for that...

Thank you... thank you... thank you... thank youthank you... thank you... thank youthank you... thank you... thank youthank you... thank you... thank youthank you... thank you... thank youthank you... thank you... thank you
Starducks Coffee by ThatCyan
Starducks Coffee
Love stage!! ep 3... I don't regret anything...

Anime: the only place where WcDonald's and Starducks Coffee are legit shops...

Sorry for not posting art...


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:bulletred:My nicknames:
-Kanra from my resemblance with the fictional character Orihara Izaya (who uses Kanra as his username) from the Japanese light novel Durarara!!
-Cyan from my username ThatCyan

:bulletorange:Catch phrase: 'Die in hell"

:bulletyellow: For Your Information:

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Also: Italian: intermediate (lower) | German: intermediate (upper) | Romanian: expert (native language)

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